Performance with Purpose.

DAA Capital Partners was born of a desire to make a difference. We are a private equity firm that operates with a simple, strong ethos. We invest in new and emerging technologies that make a positive contribution to the world, and in real estate opportunities that support the growth of dynamic, sustainable and ecological cities and communities. Read more

Vigour and Rigour.


Individuals are encouraged to embrace and celebrate what makes them unique in order to attain their full potential.
It is in this type of passionate environment that our teams perform at their peak.


Trust, aligned thinking and shared goals create a culture that is conducive to high performance.
It is this kind of trusting environment that gives our teams the freedom required for brilliance.


Clients are served with investment solutions that support their desire to make a positive change in the world.
It is this style of visionary investing that reaps sustainable returns and seizes the most creative opportunities.

Experience and Entrepreneurship.

At DAA Capital Partners, we blend all the vigour of entrepreneurs with the rigour of the financial world. In our work, teams and daily habits, we are unwaveringly passionate and positive about everything we do. We have translated this attitude into a company philosophy that embraces our people, performance and purpose.

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Investing for Positive Change.

We provide investment management and advisory services to institutional investors, corporation and non-profit organizations around the world.

Partner with us on an enriching investment journey and expand your contribution to a brighter future.

Venture Capital

Effective Partnerships with Entrepreneurs. We invest in companies where we can actively add value. We do this by steering and advising on business growth strategy and by helping these young...

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Real Estate

Value-Added Disciplined Approach. At the core of our real estate investment strategy is a desire for sustained returns and to unlock the true potential of commercial buildings. We add value by...

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