Venture Capital

Effective Partnerships with Entrepreneurs.

We invest in companies where we can actively add value. We do this by steering and advising on business growth strategy and by helping these young companies set goals. We help them develop the key milestones to achieve these goals. We bring the required resources and our network to help them realize their key milestones. We give autonomy to the investee companies whilst our support enables them to nimbly overcome – or even avoid – the hurdles that we know they are likely to face. Together we grow the inherent value of the investee companies, create long-term value and unlock their full potential.


Agility and our Commitments.

We are fully committed to our portfolio management and act responsibly and flexibly to close transactions. With our extensive network and experience, we are able to structure and deliver results within a reasonable timeframe.


Sustaining Competitive Advantage.

We invest primarily in growing companies with proven, patented technologies, within Switzerland and core-Europe. Technology is driving sweeping change across many industries and value chains, but we take a focused approach, preferring to invest in market disruptors. When we invest, we first seek to strategically position the company’s state-of-the art technology and business model before improving operational efficiencies. We steer away from highly regulated or overly concentrated markets to focus on agile and emerging technologies and sectors.