DAA Capital Partners


DAA Capital Partners was born of a desire to make a difference. We are a private equity firm that operates with a simple, strong ethos. We invest in new and emerging technologies that make a positive contribution to the world, and in real estate opportunities that support the growth of dynamic, sustainable and ecological cities and communities.


We provide investment management and advisory services to institutional investors, corporations and non-profit organizations around the world. Typically, clients that invest with us have aims that go beyond simply generating financial returns; like us, they wish to make a positive impact in the world.


Our ultimate endeavor is economic growth, smarter use of resources and preserving the environment.  Our approach is balanced translated into the company philosophy that embraces people, performance and purpose.  We seek to realize return on investments to our investors. Yet, we believe that profit need not come at the expense of the planet; we believe that exciting growth can come from sustainable industries and investments that yield good for all. This ethos is shared by our team of seasoned investment professionals, all of whom are deeply experienced in technology, financial services and real estate sectors.


As part of the new vanguard of responsible financiers, we invest in the industries of the future. From ICT to IoT, artificial intelligence to augmented reality, our carefully selected investee companies are all seeking to shape the future. We know that investing in technology will achieve our common objectives and help direct shared resources in a smarter way.


We invest in real estate and are skilled at unlocking efficiencies in commercial assets to capture sustainable returns. We specialize in supply chain and logistics, as these generate a significant but overlooked positive impact on individual well-being and consumption. We invest in secondary cities to stimulate economic and regional development.